Friday, November 19, 2010

Sense of accomplishment!

I am an extremely frank, out- going, friendly, happy- go-lucky eighteen year old girl with no regrets in life. My latest fascination is car driving and I consider even sitting in the driver’s seat an extremely exciting proposition! I realized my full potential to concentrate on something the very first day I started learning how to drive a car. My first class was how to start and stop the vehicle without too much friction. After a series of ten such classes, which of course involved putting my patience to test and,when my driving school thought I had learnt enough to appear for a driving test, I was allowed to apply for the license!

The day before my license test, I dreamt of a head-on collision with a lorry of all things on the road which made me practice harder and exhibit composure on the D-day! When I reached the place where I was to be tested did I realize that I had been dreaming way too much of hitting vehicles on the road as it was a huge ground where I thought we would be asked to drive! There were ten of us from our driving school, four of us being women.  The previous nights’ jitters returned whilst I learnt we would be asked to drive on the main road! Not Again!

I sought the help of the Almighty this time to steer clear of all the problems and doubts that assailed me. While I was deep in thought, rather, deep in prayer, I faintly heard my name being called. Ah! It was MY turn!

As I was sitting inside the car, I observed the inspector, clad in khakhi pant and white shirt - grim faced, waiting to become an obstacle on my path to accomplishing the glorious license. After a left turn, he asked “what are u studying”? My meek reply was this:  “I have finished my first year in journalism”. After a brief exhibition of the same serious reaction, he said “oh, I thought you have completed your graduation in aeronautical engineering, because you seem to be flying on the road.” I gave a silly smile after which a short left turn appeared making him order “Stop!” I brought the vehicle to a halt immediately. (Mainly out of sheer fear for his sudden and unexpected command!!) Though I was still caught off guard at the thought of how loud a person’s voice can get (it is louder in an AC car as the windows are shut!), the small conversation helped me come out of the nervousness I was undergoing a short while ago. Now, that a few days have passed, I feel exceedingly excited and proud to declare that I finally managed to get my driving license after all, which means I can keep myself away from all this tension for the next twenty solid years!


  1. Hey swathi!

    Nice work here..Keep it going!

    Btw Hope I get my license as easily as you did!

  2. Hehe.. you will! Don't u worry. The license tests are extremely easy! :D You just have to be confidant while changing gears dat's all! :D