Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goldman -- Sachs or Backs?? Part 2

Hi everyone!

Today was a very gloomy day at home, not only because of the weather but due to the fact that I bunked college! The steady sharp bell pins from the clouds, mired our roads, making them impossible to even walk, let alone drive the stretch! I decided to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of my bed sheet!Ah, what comfort it gave!

After a sumptuous breakfast, I read the newspaper and dozed off to glory, imagining my position in Goldman Sachs and the corporate environ that I would be living once there! My dreams were squashed flat when I opened my eyes to notice my mobile phone flickering with alerts of missed calls and text messages. I flipped it open and found a series of the usual teenage texts along with hurrays and yippees from many like me who had taken an off! It was one thirty in the afternoon. I lunched with my lone-self and went through the newspapers again. My boredom urged me to text my friends to find out 'College Happenings'. 

It had been not more than a minute after my text to the friend when I received a reply saying 'Goldman Sachs, results out. You are not in'. That is all! Oh God! I was devoid of all the blithe that I was filled with, this morning!  Well, life is so full of ups and downs. We have to take things in its stride and travel the arduous journey that lies ahead! There is a lot to experience in the expedition of life!

-- Swathi


  1. hahahahaha... swathi! paer aasai perum nashtam.. hope i has tamil font :P

  2. Definitely..This is just a small hitch in our long career..:D We are most definitely going to be engaged with a hip and happening internship at the end of this no worries!
    We did learn a LOT through this interview session and the entrance exam?? So we'll keep that in mind!

  3. nice.. i respect n APPRECIATE the spirit !! ALL d BEST!

  4. @Manasa: Sure enough :)
    @Santosh: Thanks a bunch :)

  5. happened to read abt GOLDMAN sachs.. theyre plannin to buy FB.. fr some 500 million dollars...!

    pity my sis who let go her chance :|