Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little blah! :-)

Is there a need for feelings, an emotional attachment, a belonging, to such an extent that they swirl you like the tangling of a creeper and suffocate you to death?

Sometimes you feel, 'why should this happen to me? Why me?' In times of distress, when you feel a congestion, a push in your throat muting you, asphyxiating you, you are desperate for someone, a spirit to whom you can share all your happiness, troubles, excitements, miseries, sorrow and alacrity. When you do not or are not able to find that person, you go insane. For some, to have found that person and to lose them forever is something inexplicable. The pain is incurable for LIFE. 

Well, we all should know or rather understand that 'nobody is indispensable'. Life goes on and on and on.. The journey being arduous, not only tires us, but also exasperates us and to say that for some it is mostly a bed of roses here, would be a complete oxymoron! Coming to the point, it would be a very brazen presumption to say that a life sans difficulty is, in other words, non-existent!

Gosh! I know I have been very vague from the beginning till now! Mm.. Life is VAGUE for some!

Secondly, you do not have to feel obligated to anyone in life, let alone yourself! When we work, we work for our own good. Our own life. Nobody will help us earn... Grr.. Every single soul on planet earth has to fend for itself, right from the earth worm in an agricultural farm to the elephants found in the jungle, or man, being a social animal, a social slave!

Right, point taken, all of us are slaves to our own selves. But we need not have to feel obliged to anything or to anyone! Take  things as they go by. Facing issues itself will solve the problem! We should not even think of running away from the inimical puzzles - the intricacies of melancholy, joy, fervour, the surging anger and the searing pain, that life offers us. It comes on a platter to everyone and is plain unrefusable!

Swat! :-)

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