Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goldman -- Sachs or Backs?? Part 1

 Presentation - November 16th, 2010, 11.00 a.m

The first thing that pops into my head (these days!) when someone says 'interview' is Goldman Sachs! Well, to be honest, I did not really know the existence of such a company till the day they came to our college for a presentation. I was just an other student sitting in the jam-packed auditorium, sighing for every single utterance of the presenter Sebastian and the others. My ears picked up and I became very attentive only during the part where they mentioned about examination dates and further interview rounds after which I was back to normal! As I was squirming in my seat, looking forward for their long awaited departure, I noticed a college senior with the Goldman Sachs crew. When I queried my neighbour about the senior, I came to know a lot about her, which gave me enough confidence to apply for the internship. Hail Senior!

Entrance Examination - November 26th, 2010, 8.30 a.m.

I was startled from my deep slumber by my mom's loud voice which said 'Swathi, it is 6.30 and you are still not out of the bed'. My usual reply annoyed her, so I quietly got off and made my bed. I brushed my teeth in a very slow pace. Why? Yes, I was preoccupied, my thoughts were somewhere, well, and Goldman Sachs was all I could think of! My preoccupation drove me crazy and in turn, sluggish.

I readied myself and looked at the watch to confirm my early departure to college, but horror struck me when I realized that my Titan showed me 7.55 am. I was baffled to the extent that it took me ages to come to reality! I shoved my breakfast into a box, begged my mom to have it and bid it a happy good-bye. Now, no breakfast! Goldman, I’m coming! Wait! I strode past the mired roads to reach the bus stand and to my utter disappointment found not a single mode of transport to reach ‘Destination College’!

While I was busily contemplating over the amount that I could pay for an auto, there came a 25G, (ah, my saviour!) Mm...Goldman urged me to get into the bus and without a second thought I did so. All hopes of reaching college were pound into powder yet again, when I became conscious of time. My Loyal Titan displayed 8.35 am and I was still FIVE long kilometers away from college. Good Gracious! What do I do? My sixth sense suggested me to text a friend at college to find what was happening, but it only increased my anxiety and trepidation because she told me that the exam had already begun!

I was almost on the verge of crying. In the midst of all the mayhem, the bus broke down on the bridge, adding fuel to the already burning pyre in me. I checked my watch yet again, reluctant to accept the fact that I had missed my entrance exam. It showed 9.20 am and I was TWO kilometers away from college. I did not want to give up. I depended on the Almighty this time and began rigorously praying, for I remained optimistic. I was desperate to be in the hall, to see the question paper, to write the exam. 

I had to take another bus to reach college which meant I was completely behind schedule. Yet, I did not want to give up. I thought of ways and means of getting into the exam hall explaining my situation while in the bus. Finally, I reached ‘Destination College’ by 9.40.

Something in me, directed me to go the auditorium and nowhere else. I entered the auditorium and could do nothing but thank Lord Almighty! My happiness knew no bounds when I found the GS crew instructing the candidates about filling the main sheet, the first page! I could feel my Titan showing a 9.42 a.m. and winking at me simultaneously! The exam began at 9.45 a.m. Just in the nick of time!

The exam was quite easy except for the Math part, where it took a long time to figure out the right answers. There were about 300 of us who appeared for the exam and I was not very sure of my selection though I was confident of my performance in areas other than math. The exam concluded at 10.50a.m. And we were asked to take a break of one hour and return by noon, for they planned to evaluate our performance in the meanwhile.

They asked us to be ready with our résumés, just in case we get selected. I did not want to bother much about it as I was very unsure of my selection. We were back by noon and waited for the results to be declared. I was anxious but I preferred not to express it out!

 While scores (it seemed to me) of names were being called out, I was only happy I at least got to write the exam! Now, most of my friends names were called out and I started fretting. When I looked up to see how many were there, I saw just a bunch of papers left, with names to be called out and I was filled with angst. After what seemed like eons, there came my name! The first thing that struck my mind appalled me, for the voice in me said that I had been lucky enough to appear for the exam, considering the trauma I underwent this morning!

From about the 300 hundred of us who wrote the exam, only 120 of us were selected to appear for the personal interview. My turn came around 4 in the evening and went on for ten solid minutes! As of now, I am waiting for a final reply from them, to know whether I have been selected to get into the next round or not! Fingers-crossed! :-) 



  1. swathi.. superb try! really loved reading it...u've xplained each and every thing u've done.. nice usage of words! :)

    P.S.(waiting fr the day to see ur blog flooded wid comments of ur followers!)

    YO-swathi awesome...