Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My journey to the Island through oceans and back!

I was jolted into action from my dreary afternoon's college assignments when I realised the time. it was 5.20pm, time to get ready (considering I am a girl) for my flight at 3 in the morning! Well, the check- in time was three hours earlier.

I reached the airport - late, as usual. I literally brushed aside the first thought that struck me- 'I am an interport student from India, I cannot afford to be late any longer.' I made a mental note of to-dos and to-not-dos once I was all by myself! I saw Prem, my counterpart, checking the time, looking at me, giving an understanding look, saying 'It is fine - let us just get out of here now!'.

Our three hour journey to Dubai, occasionally interrupted by the air-hostess' persistence to make us buy Emirates' souvenirs, sit straight in our chairs and updates from the pilot about the height at which we were flying, I enjoyed the sumptuous food and my imagination wandered away to Mauritius and of course, to MV Explorer!


'Oh my God!' I exclaimed. I was very thrilled by the very fact that I was out of India, my first time. And, because marvelous would be such an understatement to describe Dubai airport. My friend gave me a look which made me shut up, well, it was a look of disgust, considering he had already been to a couple of countries - well, USA was one of them. Do I have to say more?

Well, with that, we left Dubai after the two hour transit period.

Now, this is the longest I have travelled on a flight! 6 long hours! It took forever to reach Mauritius - well, this time, I sat as close to the window as possible to take a picture of the island of Mauritius.
The journey left me wondering if I would always be giving a look of disbelief wherever I went and if he'd still be looking at me like an alien from la-la-land!

Finally, there I was inhaling the cold winds of Mauritius, kissing the air with all my pride - I AM IN MAURITIUS!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Eon Bygone..

Our friendship bloomed..

You, were my inspiration,
talented, artistic, versatile, 
Now you've become my desperation,
making me insane, frail, volatile.. 

Taught me every single thing,
Began by drawing lines,
Now you've gone missing,
Into bloody jealousy's mines..

I want back the days bygone, 
Though it is clearly impossible,
I crave for the happiness every morn,
I twitter, I totter, like a lame mouse, I nibble..

The memories of the past..
I question..

"Will it ever be the same again?"
Profound silence haunts me with pain..
Answers by saying "Never again.."

I twist, I turn, I suffer in wrath,
Cry in distress, merge in melancholy,
Lost in a labyrinth I can't fath,
With us was little darling Dolly,

Time Flew..
It's been Nine years since..
And I have always been true,
Thinking of it now, I wince.

I was possessive..
I still am..
That made me aggressive..
And I still am..

I will love you,
forever and ever..
You, are my BEST FRIEND..
Nothing can change that. EVER.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Dear Departed.

I see myself in you,
Err, are you a reflection?

I miss the good old past,
Was there a vicious jinx cast?   

You pulled me apart,
When I was mellow
Made the soul depart,
Oh, I was so shallow..

To realize...

The evenings were never ending,
Your mere existence was a fortune
But for me, life was a new finding.
I crave your presence, now I'm left maroon.

What do you do high up there?
Do you watch us through the blues?
I wonder sometimes how I bear,
The sudden gush of silent coos 

Now I realize... 

You've given me strength,
To live sans you for an eternal length..
Nothing can ever surpass,
Your grit, charm or your wise old class

In my thirteen years with you,
Not a day have I had cue,
You were so strong, yet so vulnerable,
As I see this picture, I'm suffocated in a bubble,

Which I soon know, will burst,
It has just been five years,
Seems like a million eons to me.

I miss you.
Wish you were here.


Sunday, January 2, 2011


A period or episode of psychological distress, often occurring in adolescence but sometimes in adulthood, when a person seeks a clearer sense of self and an acceptable role in society. Confused? Too technical?? Mm.. Read on.

That is the's definition for Identity Crisis... Grrrrr.. That is the latest phase of my life :P To be honest, my daily life is an Identity Crisis (the IC mania as I call it!) Sighhhhhh..
A hazy medley of images when mentioned the words 'HIGHER STUDIES' and 'WORK', the perennial tug that wrenches my heart when it comes to decision-making,  the (in)ability to not stick on to a particular field, to think of the uncertainties that I might be subject to, in a few years.
Oh God. I drown in the most vague thoughts that throng my mind, pushing it to a constant 'lump-in-throat-situation'..Well, am i too boring? Yes, because even thinking about it seems to stop my so-called thought process.
My second *Sighhhh*
Now, the analysis.
What do I like?
Which one do I specialize in? I have a flair for languages. French. Check. I'm very visual. Photography. Check. I like attention. Theatre. Check. I do not find a reason to state my other two interests Writing and Music. My flair for languages make me like writing too. Well, I'd rather stop here than try to find reasons for ruling out music! Now, what do I do with the above mentioned interests vis-à-vis reasons is the question here!