Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Eon Bygone..

Our friendship bloomed..

You, were my inspiration,
talented, artistic, versatile, 
Now you've become my desperation,
making me insane, frail, volatile.. 

Taught me every single thing,
Began by drawing lines,
Now you've gone missing,
Into bloody jealousy's mines..

I want back the days bygone, 
Though it is clearly impossible,
I crave for the happiness every morn,
I twitter, I totter, like a lame mouse, I nibble..

The memories of the past..
I question..

"Will it ever be the same again?"
Profound silence haunts me with pain..
Answers by saying "Never again.."

I twist, I turn, I suffer in wrath,
Cry in distress, merge in melancholy,
Lost in a labyrinth I can't fath,
With us was little darling Dolly,

Time Flew..
It's been Nine years since..
And I have always been true,
Thinking of it now, I wince.

I was possessive..
I still am..
That made me aggressive..
And I still am..

I will love you,
forever and ever..
You, are my BEST FRIEND..
Nothing can change that. EVER.