Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My journey to the Island through oceans and back!

I was jolted into action from my dreary afternoon's college assignments when I realised the time. it was 5.20pm, time to get ready (considering I am a girl) for my flight at 3 in the morning! Well, the check- in time was three hours earlier.

I reached the airport - late, as usual. I literally brushed aside the first thought that struck me- 'I am an interport student from India, I cannot afford to be late any longer.' I made a mental note of to-dos and to-not-dos once I was all by myself! I saw Prem, my counterpart, checking the time, looking at me, giving an understanding look, saying 'It is fine - let us just get out of here now!'.

Our three hour journey to Dubai, occasionally interrupted by the air-hostess' persistence to make us buy Emirates' souvenirs, sit straight in our chairs and updates from the pilot about the height at which we were flying, I enjoyed the sumptuous food and my imagination wandered away to Mauritius and of course, to MV Explorer!


'Oh my God!' I exclaimed. I was very thrilled by the very fact that I was out of India, my first time. And, because marvelous would be such an understatement to describe Dubai airport. My friend gave me a look which made me shut up, well, it was a look of disgust, considering he had already been to a couple of countries - well, USA was one of them. Do I have to say more?

Well, with that, we left Dubai after the two hour transit period.

Now, this is the longest I have travelled on a flight! 6 long hours! It took forever to reach Mauritius - well, this time, I sat as close to the window as possible to take a picture of the island of Mauritius.
The journey left me wondering if I would always be giving a look of disbelief wherever I went and if he'd still be looking at me like an alien from la-la-land!

Finally, there I was inhaling the cold winds of Mauritius, kissing the air with all my pride - I AM IN MAURITIUS!


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