Sunday, August 12, 2012

Setting Set Dosas for the Caffeine Addict!

There is nothing that can bring more happiness to my senses than the wafting aroma of hot south Indian cuisine emanating through the kitchens of Wadeshwar. The much sought-after restaurant, is perennially thronged by Dosa lovers, molaga podi eaters, sambar drinkers, caffeine addicts and oh, the south Indian cuisine cravers of Pune city!  

Just the look of the two words ‘Set Dosa’ on the menu is enough to set a typical Tamilian like me drooling all over the place. The above mentioned dish, very classic of south Indianness, is usually made of rice batter, spread over the griddle in even circular motion with a ladle to form a thin layer of what is called a ‘Dosa’, except that a ‘Set Dosa’ has some ‘sets’ to it.  It is comparatively thicker, with freshly cut and fried onions, lip-smacking molaga podi (chilly powder) and coriander leaves for toppings. The plate is well adorned with chutneys that come in various hues, each of red, green and white and the sambar, which serves to be yet another colour, the yellow of the platter.

For the quintessential Dosa eater, this may seem like just another Dosa, but it is the craver who will understand the delight of the whole business. When the sizzling salver is placed in front of you, you tend to become oblivious to the existence of a world outside and delve deep into a realm where only you, the dosa, the multicoloured chutneys and the sambar exist. More so if you have been hungry for quite a long period of time.

After satisfactorily having attacked the meal, it would be incomplete to leave the place without a strong cup of coffee. The scent of freshly brewed hot filter coffee when it comes to you is so overwhelming that your attention shifts to auto-focus mode, directed solely on the cup. Grabbing it immediately, you drink it with all passion contained within you for so long. When the steaming concoction goes down your throat, it takes you to levels of ecstasy probably never felt ever and you place the cup down out of sheer compulsion, for it is over and time for you to leave.  Since then my dreams have been swarmed by delectable Set Dosas and never ending barrels of the hot beverage. Not just that, but my visits to Wadeshwar have increased for many weekends to come.  

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