Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Little Devil :)

A recent one! I love this picture, my little boy!
I still remember the day I held your hand and made you walk, no I was not the first person trying to train you, but I took pride in doing so. I did not know when you were born and was not the first one to see you. We did not have the typical brother-sister relationship, but a bond, one that developed from not having been together.

I remember the day I held your hand and your head so tight, only because I feared the very sight of the limbless man in the Gateway of India, begging for alms. The days when we both used to run-and-catch in the house, hitting almost every single wall, with that one eye of mine closed for my eye exercise trainings. You were never scared of me, never thought of me as a dominating elder sister. I used to run looking at your typical way of charging into my stomach whenever there was a fight. 

I still remember the days when our secret escapades out of home would somehow be discovered by Thatha. Being the tyrant that he was, used to make us stand out and apologize until he was convinced or tied us up to the bonnet of the (hideous, then) Ambassador car parked in the garage and made us repeat the same lines over and over again. 

I remember how the very sight of Thatha at a distance used to scare you to bits, making you pee in your pants. And then there were the days when we used to play hide and seek sitting on his lap where he used to shut our eyes with his hands and call out 'Oneee-Twooo--Three'!, which you eventually won and took great pride in discussing that. And both of us had our own hideouts which ended up being the same, since we ran out of ideas to choose for places to hide in the house beyond a certain point. 

One of the family dinners :) 
Looks like Ascendas in Thiruvanmyur, don't remember the occasion 
We got bored. And we tried out outrageously funny ways to get rid of that Ambassador car, we pelted stones, went banging on the windows when no one was around and tried our best to see if anything, anything at all would stop the car from being there. Well, you know we did not want to be tied to it and nothing could stop us from going about our secret escapades either :) 

My kutti boy and I :) So tall you've become! 
Then came the birthdays, the times when your birthday was the same as mine and vice versa. But mind you, I cut the cake for my birthday and you cut yours on your birthday, indicating the birthday celebrator :D We only chose the cake and our birthdays were always filled with surprise visits from guests in the area. Of course, there were the gifts and the after-party gift opening sessions late in the night, meaning 9.30 pm :P Birthdays meant cakes from McRenett and a specific gift from parents and a 101 or 1001 rupee incentive from Thatha and Paati for the same to get ourselves 'whatever we like'. 

Your hall of fame surpasses the activities of all cousins in the family, for having brought your television set down into pieces on to the floor, and for having said ‘enaku theriyaadhu, adhu thaaanaa vizhundhudhu ma..’ and all of that. And our one and only air trip to Bombay by flight when you were in the second standard and me in my fourth. Being the elder sister that I was, I advised you not to go to the loo in the flight’s toilet fearing your idiosyncrasies. But you did go and came out only after flushing the ‘dupatta’ of your sherwani :P 

The unforgettable Queensland trip when Uttu had come to Chennai
I remember your innate ability of sketching whatever you saw, with the exact or near exact details on them. Once when I asked you about the Batman that you had drawn in that fat sketchbook of yours, you told me the Batman was weak and hence his legs were thin in the image. Every drawing of yours had logic. And if it weren’t good enough, you invented reasoning and logics for the same :D

Thinking of it all brings happy tears to my eyes, realizing now that this little devil of mine has become a grown up young lass, in search of the right things in life. I miss you my little brother. Although you are the only boy cousin in my life, there’s nothing that you do not know of me. Love you, bum :) 

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