Thursday, December 12, 2013


As the sharp bell pins from the sky fell painfully on her back, drenching every square inch of the newest attire she wore for the first time in her life, she could not help but be thankful to that person, who insisted she wore new clothes on Christmas eve. It was because of that one soul that all this had happened. All the happiness that she is engulfed by, has made Donna look at a life with the satisfaction that she felt never before. Donna had never before seen, touched or even smelt a piece of cloth anew, for she lived on used clothes, thrown away by filthily-rich indolent owners who were so lazy as to even sew a button.  

Donna smilingly walked her way toward the building thinking of the one person because of who her life is what it is today. It was here, in this city, three years ago, on a cold windy night when Donna was returning home from a weary day at work. A frugally attired Donna was still a sight to behold, with tufts of unruly hair swaying against her forehead as she walked, her eyebrows were not the perfect ones but arched in a peculiar point, which made them look unique. She wore a cotton robe, so thin that the street light shone through it, half revealing her body. She was shivering through every nerve of her body and her thin pale lips quivered to show parts of her well aligned white teeth. Clutching her dress from all sides, all she could do was make sure she walked fast enough to reach the house she was living in currently. 

After she ran away from the Church, The Masons' family was kind enough to take her in, provided she worked for them 16 hours a day. She was appointed to take care of the old Mr.Mason in the house, whose life was in semi-coma, sort of a vegetative existence. This really tired her, although Donna was allowed an hour's recess, for lunch and a little rest, when Mr.Mason, rested apparently, which Donna found to be quite funny, considering his existential state. She sewed during that little time after lunch. 

But Donna had plans, she wanted to better her life. She had goals and ambitions of her own. She just didn't stay put, but worked in other places in the eight hours that remained, as a tailor. She wanted to stitch a gown for the Countess. She wanted to see how it was to lead a life of comfort and happiness. 

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