Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hands full of love

I clutched that hand tight,
So tight I could see the palms go red,
The hands didn't leave me,
Instead, they took me in,
And massaged my white knuckles
Gently running across the lines formed by
the folds on my skin.

I looked at the pair of hands
On either sides of my own,

I saw thin wiry nerves in green and violet on both the hands,
I ran my hands across them, 
Unable to stop myself,
I bent my head and cried,
Into those comforting palms,
I don't know how long it may have been,
But I forced myself to see the owner of those beautiful warm hands,

I lifted my head up and looked,
I saw, nothing but glassy eyes, about to leak,
I could not believe what I was seeing,
The salt water streamed down those cheeks as if to never stop,
When I looked into them harder,
I knew what it all meant..

They were a manifestation of the love bottled up for so long,
And I saw, the one person who I thought was the strongest,
I saw her, I saw, 
My mother, cry for the first time ever. 

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