Friday, December 27, 2013


A woman is sitting stiff in her chair in her personal study with her hands to the sides of the chair and a book across her table. Her throat is slit open and she is bleeding in the head. Walled by exotic books and paper cuttings pinned against billboards, the room is swarmed by police who have come for investigation. A man, appearing to be the woman’s husband, is standing outside the room with his hands folded across his chest. He looks very concerned and tense. Behind him is a huge family portrait where he, his wife who has been murdered and their three children are happily smiling for the camera, set against the backdrop of a beach? The police come out of the room recognizing the victim as Aditi Mehra Seth, wife of Ravi Seth, the anxious man standing outside the study.

28 year old Ravi Seth was a rifle shooter who specialized in point shooting. Just like his specialization, his aims in life have always hit the bulls’ eye. From the time he graduated as a topper in St.Michael’s, till the moment he earned his first gold for the country, he has always strived hard to get what he wanted. A bit too temperamental, Ravi would go to any extent to get what he really desired.

Aditi was a determined woman, who valued everything that the media reported of her or her husband, since she was of the firm belief that the media acted as the fourth estate enlightening people and their lives. Being a writer, she wrote love letters to her husband from within the house and expressed her love by way of writing letters which Ravi seemed to like. Ravi and Aditi were a great couple whose respective familial backgrounds were well known for their wealth and respect in the society. Their presence in public events were very well noted and expressly reported in the papers. 

The police come out and one of the constables point out to a gun lying on the floor, below the chair on which Mrs. Aditi Mehra Seth is dead. When enquired about the owner of the gun, Ravi immediately replies by saying that it is his own, since he is a rifle shooter specializing in point shooting.

His version of the story is that he came rushing into the room with the gun, fearing a break-in by burglars, after hearing the loud noises from the study of his wife. While lifting his wife to see if she was alive, he dropped the gun in shock, although it is reported by the servants that he came in only later than them. Bloodstains lead all the way from his wife’s study to their room and a bloodstained handkerchief is found in Mr. Seth’s bathroom.  One suspicion leads to the other and the police find him guilty of the crime. Framed and cornered by the media and police, Ravi Seth is arrested. 

                                                                                                                     ( be continued)

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