Friday, June 6, 2014

For Those Few Nanoseconds

I sit silently and look around,
I am surrounded by darkness,
Sad, that I have to be part of something,
Where all I can do is wait for my turn to come,

I feel something cold touching me and I look up to realize what it is,
A wee bit of light and a thin pair of pincers and no, they are not metal,
I am being picked up, the pincers around my thin round frame,
Yes, I am thin and round, all the same,
I feel a gush of air, I can breathe. 

The pincers hold me up in the air, 
I can breathe but the first smell I encounter,
Well, this time it is that of human manure, 
I wince, much in disgust, unable to endure.

Irrelevant, but I hear the chugging of trains,
And a loud cacophony of many others shouting. 
I strain my ear, to decipher this very setting,

Before I can, I am distracted, for the air becomes chilly,
And the pincers tremble slightly, 
A chill runs down my thin round spine, literally,
I would have fallen, into a never ending valley, definitely.  

Just when I think I am safe, I am held tighter and pushed in by the pincers,
I am thrust into a doorway, well, no, it is a crevice, in which only I seem to fit,

The pincers let me go,
I have been dropped in to a,
Bottomless pit, I think,
Well, no, wait, 

It is dark, dingy and has metal around it,
Much unlike the pincers that pushed me in,
I am taken in through a tray, and I am dropped,
There are nuts, bolts, chains and grease,
Revolving, pushing and swaying against each other,
And I fall to the floor with a well known ease,

All around me, I see my kith and kin,
Now, I know where I am,

I sit silently and look around,
Sad, that I have to be part of something,
Where all I can do is wait for my turn to come,

For those few nanoseconds of fresh air and light.

For I, am a One Rupee coin, from the far lands of India,
I'm afraid I might be stuck here, forever. 

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