Saturday, December 20, 2014

This is a status.

Statuses. There's a status for everything. I want to eat chocolate, status. I want to tell my brother I am sad, there's a status. I miss being home, there's a status. I made coffee, there's a status. I am watching Sherlock, there's a status. Why, someone's father expired, you update a status! Hell, you reach late to work and get fired by your boss' ex-wife and stand today, homeless, jobless and penniless, not fit enough to earn a slice of bread even by begging any more. Update that as a status. No? Why not? 

I will tell you why. We all, as human beings yearn for attention, fish for compliments, pine for someone's approval and want to show the world what we are. Unfortunately, that is not what we are. We do things to impress people, to make them get a good feeling about us. To judge us. 

Why do you have to wait for someone to judge you and give you feedback on a paper you worked on, on the style of your language when you write or the way you parked your car on the side way of a cramped parking lot, 'LIKE A BOSS?'. Well, thumbs up to that. Pat yourself on the back and walk on. Stop turning around to see if anyone saw how you've parked. Nobody cares. Not a soul. 

Why should you keep updating a status, checking-in at random places whether you are there or not, bombard people's feeds with every square inch of your activity at different points of time in the day? Am I interested to know if you wore blue jeans or yellow underwear? Do I want to know if your front porch is washed with pretty pink spring flowers or filled with pigeon poop? Ohhh, so you are eating cupcakes? So? I think cupcakes is the most boring bakery-item anyone can drool over, unless it is covered with gooey chocolate that melts in your mouth.  You drool over a cupcake and oh, I am SO judging you. My opinions about you slip down by several degrees. Yes, I am judging you. Why? Well, YOU asked for it! 

Why would 100+ likes on your Facebook profile picture give you happiness? Because you know people are looking at you. They compliment you, tell you how beautiful that skirt looks or how well you've dressed up, how pretty your face is or how a particular hairstyle can make your dog look more stylish.  They are noticing you and hell, they are JUDGING you. 

In the process, you end up becoming vain, narcissistic, egoistic and get angry if someone at home tells you that the Chappati has become a little brown on the sides or the Kheer would have tasted better had there been extra sugar in it. Why? Well, that's because social media spoils you. It is always full of sweet replies. Nobody gives you honest opinions for the fear of being judged, for the fear of being dissed or insulted, for the fear of being noticed for the wrong reasons. And you, get used to it. 

You find it difficult to adapt to the harsh reality of day-to-day life and, also the reality of having to deal with the ones that are not part of this cult called 'social-media'. The ones that do not know what Facebook is, what a handle on Twitter means or even don't know how powerful the medium is, that given a chance, it can track you down to the extent of pointing a gun at your temple in the very privacy of your house because your 140 character tweet was insinuating.  

It is a world full of fake, self-obsessed, attention-garnering, anxious, disoriented, pseudo-intellects posing as normal people, wishing each minute makes them seem like a better person to themselves and to the others. Want to join the overflowing bandwagon? Or are you already in it? Choose. Choose what to share and what not to.     

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