Monday, March 16, 2015

The 'deal-breaker'!

While there are hundreds of people who are happy with their salary, there are always those handful of people who crib, no matter how much they earn. Sometimes, some months get pretty tight, so I tend to fall into the latter category. I have some strong rules that I follow and break, and follow and then break, all over again, every three months. 

My first rule, is 'say NO to online-shopping', but I picked up my Moto G Second Gen. off Flipkart, just a week after I made that resolution/ rule/ principle, whatever you may want to call it. Then, I made the rule again. And broke it again, when I found myself looking for a 'trendy phone cover'. Well, 'I bought my PHONE online, this is just a cover', I said to myself. Then my rule lifted its hat and presented itself to me neatly, so I averted those thoughts. No phone cover. 

A month after that was my best-friend's birthday. And isn't it scandalizing to not gift her anything? Especially when I am earning? And especially when I know that she has showered me with the best goodies from across the globe? So this time again I look into the 'online shopping site' and guess what, I gift her an unnecessarily expensive watch. 

At the very root of it, I think it is the 'ping' that you get in your mobile when you know your salary is credited. All said and done, it is an amazing feeling, but that feeling is what makes you spend, right at the click of a button, sitting at your desk, using free-office-WiFi or your 'work time'. Then, you promise myself that you will NEVER do an online transaction again, be it shopping, charity, paying taxes, anything! 

It has been six months and I feel exceedingly excited and proud to announce that I have contained myself and stood away from shopping online, because, thank my Divine Goodness, I forgot my online transaction password and my card is locked! I haven't tried to get it fixed ever since, not because I am lazy, but because I do not want to. It is a pact, that I have made with myself. A deal, which I, will never break. 

Until, I get another ping on my phone, saying 'SALE! 90% OFF ON NEW STOCK!'
The bloody 'deal-breaker'! 

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