Friday, July 17, 2015

Who said?

Since when did 'there's nothing to talk' become a habit? What happened to all those nights you spent talking until 3 am? 

Who said being in love was the most 'sorted' thing that one can ever have in life? Who said it is easy to live with someone who can bring out fits of anger when you just expect love and nothing else? Who said you can talk about anything and everything under the roof with your loved one? Who said every day is new? Who said your love will fulfil your wish of being the best man/woman of your life? Who said you can live with a heart-break forever? 

Who said you can hold someone's hands and they will hold them back to comfort you? They won't. Who said you can look for a hug and you will get it? You will expect a hug and settle with a smile from them, making your heart sink. Who said a kiss can alter your mood? Who said your love will spend every waking minute of their life thinking about you or thinking of talking to you? Who said someone will understand you in the most toughest situations and be your pillar of strength?

Who said you need to stick on and not let go? Who said you will always have someone have your back when things go haywire? Who said someone will be proud of you no matter what you do? Who said someone will think of you as their prized possession? Who said love is eternal? Who said your life will change when you are in love? 

Who on earth ever said you are in love? Sometimes, you never know why you are in love with someone - you may not even be featuring in their world when they are your world

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