Sunday, September 20, 2015

A one-night stand.

She let out a loud scream, her ecstasy overpowering her ability to moderate her loudness. She felt the juices of her insides flowing through the sides of her thighs, onto her shins and almost dripping down to the floor as she leaned on the hard wooden table. The warmth filled her body with intense heat, she could feel the beads of sweat forming on her forehead and upper lip. She bit her lip as she wanted more - this warmth was what she had been waiting for all these days. 

A pair of hands ran across her stomach, kissed her stomach and slowly clutched her bare love handles and gently pushed her on to the bed. Her legs parted immediately and gave way for the hands to work again on her now twitching insides. She swooned to the momentum of the fingers, as it ran across it slowly, even slower and suddenly faster than she ever could imagine, making her wet the bedsheets and his hands with her bodily fluids. She felt a trickle, this time across her cheeks. She smiled as she noticed how her body could discharge different juices simultaneously albeit from different areas of the body. Letting out a sigh of relief and breathing out her guilt, she came all over him, screaming louder than before. 

Tired, as she lay on the bed, she pulled him closer for a wild French kiss, sloppy and steamy all the same while he continued to caress her curvaceous assets, pinching, squeezing and taunting them, until she let him go. She then kissed him on the neck hard enough, presenting him with a love bite as she thought of her lesbian girlfriend - she was now a cheating bisexual partner. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Love in a para.

Love makes you vulnerable, it makes you one-sided, it makes you judgemental, it softens your otherwise insensitive heart, it puts you down, helps you grow, gives you butterflies and kills them all. It makes you empty from within, clears you up, shakes the hell out of you, acts as a reality-check truck, tears you up and fixes you for the best. It prepares you for what lies ahead - teaches you how to handle mistakes and sometimes how to live with them. It blows your mind, sweeps you off-balance, saddens you and gives you joy out of the blue.
Love becomes your most beautiful fairytale dream and your most dreaded nightmare. It scares you out of your wits and makes you stronger.
At the end of it, you fall, you learn, you dream, you yearn, you fear, you envy, you know you've missed your chances. You pick yourself up but you keep going. It teaches you not one, but many lessons, of which falling in love all over again stands out to be the best you'll ever learn.